William Beveridge Hannum (1947-1998)

I first met William Hannum in 1998, several months before his passing from pancreatic cancer at the age of 51. He came into my Carmel gallery with his wife to admire our selection of Early California art. I remember offering to trade an Early California painting for an equal value of his work. To this day I regret that he passed away before we could complete the trade.

My wife and I have owned many of Hannum’s colorful, expressionist paintings over the years. I was collecting his work from the Carmel Art Association gallery long before I opened my gallery in 1997. His paintings were always top sellers. His work was influenced by famous CAA artist S. C. Yuan (1911-1974), Keith Lindberg (b. 1938) and Reed Farrington (b. 1938), by the post-Impressionist master Paul Cezanne, and by the artists of the Bay Area Figurative movement of the 1960’s. In our current selection of Hannum paintings you can clearly see the influence of these artists, but with color pushed farther. There are limits to how far you can push color before it becomes garish, and Hannum had a great feel for that edge. Though Hannum has been gone for many years, his landscapes, seascapes and still life’s are as popular today as they were in his time.

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