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Albert DeRome Biography

Born in Cayucos, CA, DeRome studied at the Mark Hopkins Institute under Mathews, Stanton, and Latimer.  DeRome applied his art initially to political cartoons and commercial ventures.  His close friends and sketching partners included painters William Keith, Frank Moore, Will Sparks, Percy Gray, and Gunnar Widforss.  From 1915-1931 he made many painting expeditions to Nevada, Arizona, and throughout California.  Following a serious auto accident in 1931, DeRome gradually recovered his ability to paint; however, an insurance policy prevented him from selling his work or exhibiting as a professional artist.  He did exhibit as an “amateur” in Northern California, gaining recognition and several first prizes.  An Impressionist, his work includes luminous landscapes, coastals, and seascapes in oil and watercolor.  DeRome spent his later years in Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula.