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Arthur Hill Gilbert, A.N.A. Biography

Born in Mt. Vernon, IL, Gilbert graduated from the Evanston Academy and spent two years at Northwestern University.  In 1917 he attended the U. S. Naval Academy Officer’s School at Annapolis and then served abroad.  Following his military stint, he moved to Southern California about 1920.  After studying in Los Angeles at the Otis Art Institute, he had further training in Paris and London.  In 1929, Gilbert’s “Monterey Oaks” won the Hallgarten prize at the National Academy of Design in New York.  The following year he won both the Ranger and Murphy prizes at the National Academy.  In 1930 he settled in Monterey and became known for his landscapes and coastal scenes of the Monterey Peninsula.  An Impressionist, his palette seldom varied and stayed mainly in the blue, yellow, green, and pastel shades.  During his later years, Gilbert spent most of his time on his ranch near Stockton, CA.