Franz Arthur Bischoff Biography

Born in Austria in the small town of Bomen on January 14, 1864, Bischoff studied art in Vienna before immigrating to the U. S. in 1885.  He worked as a china decorator in a New York factory and later continued this line of work in Pittsburgh, PA and Fostoria, OH.  In 1892 he moved to Dearborn, MI where he produced ceramic works and taught china decorating.  He first visited California in 1900, but it was six years later before he and his family moved to Los Angeles.  Bischoff established a studio in the Blanchard Building and in 1908 built a palatial Italian Renaissance style studio-home in the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena.  He brought with him a reputation as one of the nation’s greatest china painters; however in California he turned to painting Impressionist landscapes, floral still lifes, harbor scenes, and coastals of Southern California and the Monterey Peninsula.  His early works were softer and more tonal than his later works, which often show the influence of Expressionism and Fauvism.  Bischoff died at his Pasadena home on February 5, 1929.