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Maurice Braun Biography

Born in Nagy Bittse, Hungary, Braun immigrated with his family to the United States in 1881 and settled in New York City.  He began drawing at age three and in his early teens was apprenticed to a jeweler.  In 1897 he began a five-year study period at the National Academy of Design followed by one year with William Merritt Chase.  He was an established portrait and figure painter before moving to San Diego in 1910.  After opening a studio on Point Loma, he founded the San Diego Academy of Art in 1912 and served as its director for many years.  In 1915 he was a cofounder of the San Diego Art Guild and in 1929 cofounded Contemporary Artists in San Diego.  His Impressionist paintings of the Southwest desert, southern California hills, and the High Sierra brought him great national acclaim.