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Tomi D. Kobara Biography

Tomi Kobara has been a masterful oil painter and award-winning artist for over 40 years. Private collections of her art can be found throughout the U.S., Switzerland, Japan, West Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, France, New Zealand,and Australia. Public collections are with the Nordstrom Corporation and UCLA. For over 2 decades, Tomi's original art has been represented by fine art galleries in Carmel, California.

Art lovers and collectors have purchased over 1200 paintings from this California native over these many years, whose breadth of work spans extraordinary California landscapes, figuratives, still- lifes, and Japanese inspired subject matter.

After much prompting from her family and friends, Tomi has decided to offer some of her favorite works as Limited Edition Giclées. These editions will be relatively small in number, signed and produced on quality canvas.

Tomi's Painting Style:

"I am an expressionist painter" says Tomi Kobara, " My work is a direct, straight-forward response to the subject matter approached with an intuitive passion. An impression yes, but hopefully expressed in a contemporary fashion.

I do interpret with some degree of exaggeration in color and reality. I love to use texture and bold brushwork to allow the viewer to experience the excitement of the moment I felt. Move back and hopefully a rich perspective will come into focus. Everyday, everywhere in my life is a visual, changing encounter for me, as it is for you as well!"

About The Artist:

You wouldn`t know by meeting with this petite and sweet "80 something" woman that she has started city cultural festivals, grown senior centers, and helped turn around fledgling art associations. You wouldn`t know that this mother of 4, and grandmother of 8 is a phenomenal chef where a California restaurant and a Costa Rican resort based their menus on her recipes, and that she is a practicing Zen martial artist and a sought after interior designer.

What strikes you when you meet Tomi and what strikes everyone for that matter, is her unending appreciation of life, people and the ordinary. Her focus is never on what has been done or accomplished but always on what good things are yet to be.

Born in Hollister, CA, her family of 10 brothers and sisters were successful farmers. During the war her family was sent to the Japanese Internment Camps in Arizona and suffered economic and personal loss. There is where Tomi spent her teen years and first became interested in art expression.

She started painting professionally in 1970 while raising her family in Saratoga CA. Tomi became involved in the Santa Cruz and Carmel art and cultural community in the late 80`s and moved to Aptos, CA. For the past 4 years, Tomi has lived in Kailua, Hawaii on the Island of Oahu, and paints her original art in a plein air studio over-looking the Pacific Ocean.