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William Posey Silva Biography

Born in Savannah, GA, Silva inherited a successful chinaware business from his father and did not begin his art career until he was nearly 50 years old.  In 1907 he retired from the business and sailed for Paris to study at the Academie Julian under Laurens and Royers, and with Chauncey Ryder.  His first solo exhibition was held in Paris in 1909 at the Georges Petit Gallery.  Recognition came quickly, and other exhibitions followed in Europe.  After returning to the U. S. in 1910, Silva had several exhibitions throughout the South.  Silva had studios in Washington, D. C. and Chattanooga, TN until 1913, when he settled in Carmel.  There he built a studio-home in the sand dunes off Carmelo Street, and for 35 years was an important figure in the local art scene, producing many prize-winning landscapes.